“You’ve been hacked!” Not funny…

Dear readers,

If you entered this blog a couple of weeks ago, you may have noticed the black screen and weird music. Turns out I was the target of what I hope was a random hacker-attack. These people seem to have nothing better to do than to take their frustration out on others, making us pay for the psychological burden of their own short-comings.

Funny thing is on my last post I mentioned 2 warnings urging me to back up my stuff. The first one was when I started my PC one summer day and got a “blue screen”. Luckily a colleague helped me save my files. I didn’t see the red flag then, nor the second time when I forgot my PC in the tram.

Re-reading my post reminded me of the French saying: “Jamais deux sans trois” (Everything comes in threes). I rushed to take all kinds of precautions but a couple of weeks ago, I visited my blog and BOOM! This was the third and last warning: I had been hacked! Brilliant >:(

Gloomy as I was, I was forced to take action, count my losses and build on whatever remained. A deep sigh and a jug of coffee were my allies against further procrastination. Free tip: starting all over again is easier when you focus on the positives.

– My last backup was dated 2 months back, but at least I had one (actually a friend did). For once I was semi-happy for not writing much in the past few weeks.

– Putting my blog back together taught me the HOWs. A friend (the one with the backup) did it for me last time, back when I pimped it with a new theme. It was a convenient way to avoid technicalities, something I am less than fond of. Now that I have to do it myself I’m learning it’s not that difficult and in the process, I’m becoming more independent.

– Experience will sink into your pores. I’m still sucking it in trying to figure out the best way to plan my backups in the future. I’m not cautious nor do I learn easily from other’s mistakes. That’s why I need to find a clever-lazy way for not having to deal with these things again. Your tips are welcome!

I apologize for the mess, the distraction and the lack of content. I promise my next posts will make up for this dark episode!

Thanks for reading me!




2 Responses to “You’ve been hacked!” Not funny…

  1. gaëlle October 15, 2012 at 12:08 #

    Congrats my dear! You did it!!! Your blog is back up running… 🙂

    • Gisele October 15, 2012 at 18:40 #

      Thank you ma chérie 🙂