Oslo International Rotary Club

Dave writes: The Oslo International Rotary Club (OICR) welcomes new members. The newest Rotary club in Norway – Oslo International – was chartered in February this year. The club meets every Wednesday at 16.30 (formal proceedings begin at 17.00.) Meetings take place on the first floor at the Oslo Chamber of Commerce (Handelskammer), which is located at Henrik Ibsensgata 100, right next to Solli bus and trikk stop.

Meetings are conducted in English, but membership is open to all nationalities. There are also many Norwegians who have joined because they are interested in maintaining and developing international links. If you would like to find out more about what it means to become a Rotary member, please click on the central Rotary website (http://www.rotary.org/en). If you would like to visit the club, or find out how to join, please e-mail the membership section  at oircfriends@gmail.com or the president of the club Ewa Danela Burdon at info@perfect-connection.com.







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