Norwegian Lessons!


Fun, varied & efficient lessons with Anna, native speaker, 34 years old, 8 years’ experience. Anna writes:

I am a Norwegian native speaker. I have been teaching foreigners to speak Norwegian for 8 years, 3 of which I spent at Berlitz in Oslo.

If a student should ever be dissatisfied with a lesson, I will not charge them for it. That of course also applies to the first lesson, so if someone has decided they want to invest in learning Norwegian, they don’t have anything to lose by trying me out 🙂

1 – 4 persons in a group, focus on speaking  (the writing you do at home). We only speak Norwegian!

I use the books På vei  with beginners and then Stein på stein, and on yet higher levels I bring articles and topics for discussion, listening excercises as well as grammar excercises and general written excercises for homework.

  • All levels.
  • Morning/day/afternoon.
  • At your office/home – Travel fee: 200 kr. (Or at Anna’s with no travel charge.)
  • Price for 90 minutes with invoice:
    • 1 person:    800 kr
    • 2 persons:   900 kr
    • 3 persons: 1000 kr
    • 4 persons: 1100 kr

(A discount of 10 % will be given for lessons between 08:00 and 15:00.)

Telephone:  416 30 454    Email:

If you’re not happy after the first lesson, you don’t pay!

2 Responses to Norwegian Lessons!

  1. Felibel October 11, 2013 at 21:58 #

    Your offer is clearly made to push group study. Who realistically has time to find learning buddies who happen to be at the same learning level and in the same location as you.

    Individual pricing is prohibitive. Just saying.

    • Jay October 31, 2013 at 22:32 #

      Totally disagree with Felibel.

      800 kroner for 90 minutes of one-to-one tuition is a good deal my friend – or maybe you are new to Norway – that hourly rate is what you pay for any service here. I charge 1000+ per hour for my services (just under double this rate) so I think it is highly reasonable. You even get to check out the value for free with Anna – what’s not to like?!!

      She is just offering a group deal on the off chance it may work for some people! I know 6 people who could buddy up – but I like the look of the personal lessons.

      Of course I need to put my money where my mouth is, so I will be calling Anna soon.

      It’s a very good deal. Just saying.