Cheap Stay in Norway: House Sitting!

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We help home and pet owners find trusted sitters to care for their home and pets while away

Norway being an expensive destination, I hope this concept grows bigger. People are often intimidated by Norwegian prices and this could help many afford the trip. I recently heard about this particular site, they seem reliable and have good recommendations. So I’m spreading the word 🙂

It’s not free, you need to pay a membership fee (from $29/1 month to $79/1 year) plus some House Sitters charge an extra fee, but from a tight-budget perspective:

  • It is cheaper than a hotel or even some hostels (to compare, check this list)
  • It is a way-more-comfortable alternative to couchsurfing! (especially if your “Backpacking”-days are behind you 😉 )

If you know of any other House Sitting networks, please tell us!









One Response to Cheap Stay in Norway: House Sitting!

  1. Craig January 27, 2014 at 23:46 #

    Hi Gisèle, I’m a house sitter and a member of the website you are writing about here, it really works. I also have experience of house sitting in Norway (Oslo) and have my own website –