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How Do You Cure A Norwegian Flu?

  “It’s time,” she said, “it’s been sweating long enough.” I knew it too. I’d seen it macerating for hours and turn brown in the process. Before my mom cut that onion in half and poured honey on it I did not know they could sweat. In fact, they are so good at it that […]

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Relocation: Tips to get the best Exchange Rate

How to Get The Best Exchange Rate When You Exchange Euros for Kroner By Peter Lavelle Do you intend to relocate to Norway? Then, before you go, one of the most important things to do will be changing your euros into kroner, to get the best exchange rate. So how do you get the best […]

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Au-pair in Norway: Pros and Cons

The elevator doors closed on my mom’s tears and I felt relieved; though I knew she was still sobbing on the other side. The metallic clean-cut on the invisible cord between us gave place to the start of my student life in France, thousands of km away from home on the other side of the […]

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Taming foreign words on their own turf

On the path towards dominating a language, one often finds more than a few challenges. These will ultimately bring you forward because once you’ve overcome them, you will be geared to go at higher speeds. It is not without pain, especially when you come out of class and have to deal with uncertainty for every other sentence you say. You […]

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Birthday checklist

This coming 5th of November will be the crowning moment for weeks of careful preparation, a day to (dis)play and enjoy: my daughter’s birthday! Another episode in my cultural adventure. Let me start by saying I am the kind of parent who is too lazy -I mean busy (sounds better) to build her life around her kids’ […]

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