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Stockholm in Autumn

Would You Take the Train from Oslo to Stockholm?

“Are you crazy? The plane ride is 50 minutes!” my husband exclaimed. It might be the most rational choice and a pretty obvious one but while looking at tickets, two facts changed my mind: Train was cheaper even though I bought first-class Flying stresses me out (unless it’s not in a plane…) Still, I admit […]

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A week in Oslo: What actually happened!

I heard the door lock snap-open. Then I heard their voices, and my aunt’s heavy-smoker cough: they made it to Oslo! As soon as I hugged them, I forgot the stress I put myself through before their arrival. I forgot how I cried because the salmon was too salty, how I suddenly decided to dust […]

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“You’ve been hacked!” Not funny…

Dear readers, If you entered this blog a couple of weeks ago, you may have noticed the black screen and weird music. Turns out I was the target of what I hope was a random hacker-attack. These people seem to have nothing better to do than to take their frustration out on others, making us pay for […]

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