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This season’s signature dish: Fårikål

The streets of Oslo (and I dare say of Norway) smell of sweet waffles and lamb roast this afternoon, making my run more masochistic than a fanatic priest. Autumn is THE season for lamb in Norway. So far I’ve had it in three different tastes and cuts: marinated lamb roast, lamb leg with rosemary and […]

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5 Reasons Why I Traded Paris for Oslo

iTunes kick-starts my jog with “Take on me” from Ha-Ha. I want to tell my husband about the unexpected Norwegian blink from destiny but I focus on my breathing instead. We take a left turn onto the “Promenade Plantée”: 4,7 km of almost uninterrupted track from Bastille to the Ring road on the east side […]

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Norwegian moment

This morning, Norway invited itself for breakfast: The sun gets up at about 4 am these days. The little ones are the first to sense the rays of light despite our efforts to make each room as dark and fresh as a coffin. Ehem. Here’s one of Sophie’s favorites: A “lompe” with brown cheese; though […]

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Congrats Norway!

It took me 3 hours and a jug of coffee to get ready and out of the house. We were to celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day, the biggest most respected national holiday. To be honest, I didn’t feel like loosing myself in the crowd to wave at the royal family. Were it up to me, they […]

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Making Friends in a New Country

Guest Post by Linda Cottrell: “I am a serial expat from the USA and UK, now living in Norway. I am married to a Brit, and we are looked after by two children, two cats and a small library.  I enjoy a wide variety of activities, both creative and sporty.  Although I am an engineer by trade (how […]

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