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Here is a list of my favourite stores in Oslo: Guta på haugen: you can find fresh veggies, cheese and deli from France, Italy and other countries. For example: different kinds of dry chili, those tiny oranges for making jam, a great variety of mushrooms and salads, and if you are a vegetarian, you will love this place. Tel. […]

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Jobs, apartments, etc

If you have to remember one thing and one thing only, tattoo this on your forehead if necessary: Whatever it is you are looking for wherever you live in Norway, you can be sure you will find it there. You want a job? Companies publish the same job ads here as on their corporate website. […]

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Oslo neighborhoods - roughly

On your marks: Oslo!

New in Oslo? You will need a few tips to find your marks. The following wil help you: find your way around stay out of trouble Find your way around Oslo is pretty small and people mostly walk or cycle anywhere, sometimes even without a fixed destination; they call it “å gå på tur” and it means to walk just for fun. […]

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