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The cream that goes with coffee in Norway comes from Tine.

Five Lessons about Coffee Culture in the Nordics

How do Norwegians like their coffee? the answer is to infinity and beyond. Coffee is a central part of social life and its characteristics go further than just keeping you awake. They keep you company 🙂 Norwegians like their coffee : Black. Although most Norwegians like their coffee without the white stuff, there is a dedicated cream for it, […]

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When Mums Mean Business

“Mumpreneurs”… What is that?  I met Babou Olengha-Aaby sometime in the fall of 2013. I remember it was a sunny day and regretted there were no windows in the cafe of our rendezvous. There was no need for it though, Babou shines with passion for what she does. She presented her idea about creating a […]

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A new Yoga Studio in Oslo!

Kelsi writes:  Leela Yoga now offers daily classes taught in both Norwegian and English. Come enjoy one of the 27 classes on offer, a beautiful yoga store and sit down for a cup of coffee or tea with our selection of kale chips and something sweet from PUR Oslo! Read more here:

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