About G

Once upon a time… There was a French boy and a Spanish girl who went “Olé!”. Life’s circumstances brought them to El Salvador where they met, got married and had their first child: my father.


Years later, my dad moved to Mexico and then to France to study. He realized he hated winters and cranky people and decided to go back to El Salvador. He had made up his mind to get into politics.

On his way back to El Salvador, he stopped in Mexico where he met another frenchie, Michel. He asked my dad to deliver a letter to his girlfriend, who happened to live in the country known as “The Tom Thumb of the Americas” (El Pulgarcito de América). Without knowing it, Michel had just killed his relationship by enabling my parents to meet. The next time my mother spoke to her ex-boyfriend, she was pregnant with me.

I was born and raised in El Salvador, in the middle of a civil war. I have great memories from my childhood and my teenage years, but living in a country at war with a father in politics, made it difficult to be independent, and Oh-how-I-loooonged for some freedom!

When I turned 18, my dream of moving to France came true. I studied and worked in Paris for 9 years.

I was feeling pretty much “integrated” when one day, a friend invited me to a Christmas Party. Despite her empty threats, she didn’t manage to sneak me in -I was fuming– and we ended up having drinks with a colleague of hers.

We entered a typical Parisian bar, full of smoke and shaggy people, clashing with our glossy attire. I decided to focus on something else than killing my good friend, so I asked her colleague: “Where are you from?”

And just like that, he said 3 words that changed the course of my life: “I – am – Norwegian

Needless to say that’s how I ended up in Norway, and here I am seven years later living my happily ever after.

Welcome to my expat experience!