July in Oslo

“We will leave after breakfast,” he said in a half-resigned half-determined tone. I was not sure I believed it; I think he was not convinced himself. The preparations took longer than expected (they always do, what with the last minute additions to the suitcases, searching the cupboards for snacks to take and the pee-or-not-to-pee debate [...]

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How about a little help?

When I asked my mom why she didn’t get involved in charity projects like the other politician’s wives did, she answered “Because charity starts at home”. I was puzzled. I remember thinking: Are we eligible?? We had everything we needed and more. Nothing would go to waste in our house, though. My clothes that were [...]

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The cream that goes with coffee in Norway comes from Tine.

Five Lessons about Coffee Culture in the Nordics

How do Norwegians like their coffee? the answer is to infinity and beyond. Coffee is a central part of social life and its characteristics go further than just keeping you awake. They keep you company Norwegians like their coffee : Black. Although most Norwegians like their coffee without the white stuff, there is a dedicated cream for it, available [...]

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