Heart on asphalt

5 tips to make friends at work

1. Bring candy when you travel Norwegians love candy in general. You will notice when you get to Oslo Airport that it is one of the biggest isles at the Duty Free, right next to alcohol and tobacco. Birthdays, farewell gatherings and holiday come-backs are a blessing for those painfully keeping themselves away from sweets […]

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July in Oslo

“We will leave after breakfast,” he said in a half-resigned half-determined tone. I was not sure I believed it; I think he was not convinced himself. The preparations took longer than expected (they always do, what with the last minute additions to the suitcases, searching the cupboards for snacks to take and the pee-or-not-to-pee debate […]

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A kids's winter binie hanging at the tram stop.

How about a little help?

When I asked my mom why she didn’t get involved in charity projects like the other politician’s wives did, she answered “Because charity starts at home”. I was puzzled. I remember thinking: Are we eligible?? We had everything we needed and more. Nothing would go to waste in our house, though. My clothes that were […]

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